Government of Ontario to Expand Autism Services for Children and Youth

Monday May 7, 2018, Toronto – The government of Ontario announced a commitment to invest $62 million in new funding for the Ontario Autism Program (OAP). The new funding will build on the government’s previous funding commitment of more than $500 million over five years that was used to create the OAP and expand autism services.

The announcement will further expand the OAP program, offer families across the province more access to flexible, individualized services that are based on the needs and strengths of their children and will help address wait times.

In Toronto, the OAP is being delivered in partnership by Adventure Place, Aisling Discoveries Child and Family Centre, Etobicoke Children’s Centre, Geneva Centre for Autism, Kerry’s Place Autism Services and Surrey Place. The partnership delivers outcome oriented and evidence based-services under the name Toronto Autism Services.

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