Parent Participation

Benefits of Participating
in Parent Education

Parents can learn to implement strategies with a high degree of fidelity. Studies have shown that with training, parents can learn to use the same intervention techniques as specialists, and can be just as effective in using them to teach their child new skills.

Results include better generalization and maintenance of skills – children and youth with ASD sometimes have a difficult time applying skills they learn in one setting to other contexts, and in using those skills consistently over time. Given the variety of activities that parents and children engage in daily (e.g., morning routines, meal times, going to the park, shopping), providing parents with evidence-based techniques to use at home and in the community helps children apply their new skills in a variety of contexts not offered in a classroom or therapy room.

Many families have spent a great deal of time waiting for treatment services to become available, meanwhile their children are exposed to many different teachable moments throughout their day. Training parents to use evidence-based strategies with their children is cost effective as it allows more children and youth to receive more service, more quickly. In addition, increasing the support that a child has throughout the day can increase the child’s rate of learning.

Participating in parent education opportunities can also decrease parent stress levels and increase optimism about the future. Many studies have shown that by learning strategies that improve their child’s behavior and teach skills that contribute to independence, many caregivers may experience reductions in parental stress, increased parental optimism about the future, and increased parent leisure and recreation time. Participating in group parent education programs can also have additional stress reduction benefits for parents as they provide valuable opportunities for social support.

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