Service Navigation and Family Support – Empowers and Motivates Parent

My name is Nikoleta. I am registered with Surrey Place for my son Alex, who has been diagnosed with autism. I got so lucky to find a Case Worker like Brie-Ann Skinner. Thank God, they are still people like her out there. Some days parents like me cannot see the light but there it comes with a person like her. Not only is she so professional at what she is doing but also, she gives you the power and motivation to continue the hard work with your child. She is always here 100% when you need her. She has also made our Christmas so bright and special by enrolling us in a Christmas Wish Charity fund.  I will always be grateful to her and to Surrey Place. I also would like to thank their great ABA therapists. They are truly amazing at how they are teaching parents how to help a child with autism. They thought me a lot of wonderful things and especially how to get my son’s attention and make him also try to say words because he is nonverbal.

Nokoleta – Parent
November 19, 2018