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Family education opportunities within Toronto Autism Services are flexible and individualized to meet the needs of each family, and learning opportunities may look different based on child and family goals, needs, and strengths. For example, families may participate in foundational workshops aimed at increasing knowledge of Applied Behaviour Analysis strategies, some families may have access to individualized coaching sessions connected to their child’s treatment program in order to promote skill generalization and maintenance, and some families may participate in targeted skill building sessions around their child’s treatment goals.

Foundational Caregiver Services include information, workshops, groups and seminars specifically aimed at orienting families who are new to service and providing them with introductory and foundational information about ASD, ABA and how services are provided in the OAP.

The following group workshops are offered to all families registered with Toronto Autism Services:

Orientation to Toronto Autism Services

This orientation session provides an overview of Toronto Autism Services for families that are new to service. It outlines the structure of the Toronto Autism Services program, roles of various staff members, opportunities for family involvement, and the benefits of participating in parent education.

Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder

This session provides families with an introduction to the characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder, and some of the recent research that explains how ASD can impact brain functioning. Families will begin to look at the strengths and needs of their own child, and parents will discuss various ways that they can take care of their own needs.

Applied Behaviour Analysis Key Terms

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is the scientific methodology that is used to support each child’s skill development within the OAP. This workshop will introduce families to ABA terms that will be used throughout their involvement in the program, and provide opportunities for parent discussion, role play and activities to demonstrate how these ABA strategies can be included in day to day parenting.

Parents as Everyday Advocates

The 7 key principles to being an advocate outlined in Areva Martin’s book “The Everyday Advocate” will be explored, and families will discuss how to put these principles into practice. Families will be provided with a binder, dividers, and labels to create a system that will help them stay organized, and families will discuss ways they can educate others in how to best work with their child.

Community Resources and Funding

This is an opportunity to learn about services, programs, activities, funding options and supports available to families within the community.  Families will be guided through the details of each program or service and will be provided with a booklet to help keep them organized.

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