Foundational Family Services

Foundational Family Services

Foundational Family Services

Foundational Family Services are available to all families registered with the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) at no cost.

Foundational Family Services offer a wide range of evidence-based supports provided in various formats to build family capacity to support their child’s ongoing learning and development.

  • Family and peer mentoring
  • Brief targeted consultation
  • Transition supports
  • Family resource and clinic days
  • Caregiver workshops and follow-up coaching sessions

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Benefits of Parent Participation

Foundational Family Services
Learn strategies with a high degree of fidelity

With training, parents can learn to use the same intervention techniques as specialists and can be just as effective in using them to teach their child new skills.

Increase your child’s rate of learning

Using evidence-based techniques at home and in the community, parents can help children apply new skills in various contexts not offered in a classroom or therapy setting.

Foundational Family Services
Foundational Family Services
Reduce parent stress and build resilience

Learn strategies that improve your child’s behaviour, reduce stress, increase optimism about the future and allow for parent leisure and recreation time.