OAP Guidelines & Documents

OAP Guidelines

OAP Guidelines & Documents

All Toronto Autism Services Network providers abide by protocol to ensure accountability and compliance with OAP guidelines.

The following information provides detailed guidance to help families and caregivers understand the Ontario Autism Program (OAP).

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The guidelines provide operational guidance for autism service providers and set expectations for delivering the program across the province. The OAP Guidelines will continue to evolve as we work with families, clinical experts and stakeholders to improve how the OAP is delivered.


The framework, developed by the Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Expert Committee and is used, along with the OAP Guidelines, to guide clinicians who work with families to assess their child’s needs and plan their behavioural services. The framework also helps families understand how their child’s needs are assessed, how behavioural intervention services are planned, how their child’s progress is reviewed, how transition planning is undertaken, and how their family is involved in these processes.

Clinical Supervisor Attestation & Behaviour Plan Instructions

This document serves as a declaration of the OAP Clinical Supervisor’s accountability and compliance with the OAP. It must be completed, signed and attached to every OAP Behaviour Plan. A signed copy is also to be provided to the family and youth.

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